Egyptian Moderates in Difficult Position While More Americans View Egypt as an Ally

Taking a middle ground position in Egypt is
becoming increasingly difficult.


(Reuters) – Moderate has become a dirty word in Egypt. Since the
army ousted Islamist president Mohamed Mursi, anyone who refuses to
support either side uncritically has become a traitor to both.

Polarized attitudes of “you’re either with us or against us”
have forced Egyptians in the middle ground to disappear largely
from political view, making any reconciliation between Mursi’s
Muslim Brotherhood and the army-backed government ever more

While the situation in Egypt since Morsi’s overthrow has put
Egyptian moderates in an unfortunate position, an increasing number
of Americans are viewing Egypt as an ally since last July’s

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Many in the U.S. may well be relieved that Morsi, who is backed
by the Muslim Brotherhood, is no longer in power. But the
banning of the Muslim Brotherhood
 and the
on its supporters by the military-backed government,
as well as the polarizing political rhetoric in Egypt since Morsi’s
removal has hardly lead to an encouraging state of affairs from
which some sort of trustworthy or respected democratic process can

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