A (Visual) Tale of 25 Cities (And Half The World's GDP)

With more people in the world living in cities than ever before, cities’ share of global GDP is rising: 25 cities account for approximately 50% of the world’s GDP. But not all cities can be winners, and not all are destined for greatness. The following smorgasbord of charts highlight how successful cities have typically had natural advantages such as location, time zone and resources; but more importantly, to remain successful they need education, a skilled workforce, strong property rights, a broad base of industries and in some cases, policies aimed at attracting capital and talent. Conversely, As Goldman notes, when cities fail it tends to be either because of an overreliance on an industry that has seen a dramatic shift in its profitability, or as a result of the vested interests of those that control them.


It took 1000 years for Rome to be topples as the world’s largest (by population) city…


The following 12 charts suggest some cities are on the ascent, some are bubbling dangerously, and others have reached ‘peak’ citiness…


Source: Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs


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