Editor of The Guardian: Only 1 Percent of Snowden Files Published

Only 1 percent
of the files leaked by Edward Snowden have been published by the
London-based newspaper The Guardian, according to the
paper’s editor.

Speaking before Members of Parliament on the Home Affairs Select
Committee, Alan Rusbridger also said that accusations that
reporting on the information leaked by Snowden had endangered
national security were “very vague and not rooted in specific

From the

Only 1% of files leaked by former US intelligence analyst Edward
Snowden have been published by the Guardian newspaper, its editor
has told MPs.

But Alan Rusbridger told the Home Affairs Select Committee that
the Guardian was not a “rogue newspaper”.

He insisted the paper’s journalists were “patriots” and
patriotic about democracy and a free press.

He said senior officials in Whitehall and the US administration
had told the paper “no damage” had been caused.

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