Brian Doherty on the Three Most Important Ongoing Second Amendment Cases

Since the 2010 Supreme Court case,
McDonald v. Chicago, which applied the ruling in
the 2008 Heller case to states and
localities, the Court has so far evaded any new case
about the limits and meaning of the Second Amendment.

Those two cases, though, did not resolve all the important
questions about how and when and why the government can restrict
Second Amendment
rights. Heller and McDonald said
that the right to possess commonly used weapons for self-defense in
the home cannot be infringed, but
Justice Antonin Scalia in his majority
opinion in Heller explicitly said this didn’t
mean anything goes when it comes to Americans and their guns.

Many other cases that try to define the whos, whens, and hows of
our Second Amendment rights are percolating through the lower
courts, and some are trying to wend their way to the Supreme Court.
Brian Doherty takes a look at three of the most relevant active
cases involving the Second Amendment, ones that promise to expand
Second Amendment liberty, and resolve some of the core issues left
by Heller and McDonald.

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