Thursday Humor: Obama "Fixes" The Economy

As the President loses his Millennial voting base, despite “fixing” Obamacare, his populist push for a raise to the minimum wage (who wouldn’t want more money than ‘market rates’ for doing the same shit) and class-warfare-inspiring inequality speech may be his party’s last best hope. However, in the meantime, if US citizens can tear themselves away from X-Factor for 30 seconds, the following clear concise chart shows how easy it is to create 140,000 jobs… Our question… why not raise the minimum wage to $100?


And in case you were unclear why this doesn’t work… (as we discussed here and here):

The minimum wage sounds nice on the surface: workers earning $8 per hour would certainly be better off if they were earning $12 per hour instead. But economics professor Antony Davies explains that this view of the minimum wage overlooks an important detail: The minimum wage does not force employers to pay a particular wage to every worker; it forces employers to pay a particular wage to every worker they choose to keep. While the minimum wage may be well-intentioned public policy, it often huts the very workers most in need of our help.



via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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