Big Tail Highlight Of 10 Year Reopening Auction, In Which Direct Bidder Allotment Drops To Lowest Since August 2012

Moments ago the Treasury sold $21 billion in 9 Year-11 Month paper in today’s 10 Year reopening of CUSIP WE6, which pricing at 2.824% was a sizable 0.7 bps tail to the 2.817% When Issued trading at 1 pm, and easily one of the bigger tails in the past year for the benchmark bond auction. And while the closing yield indicated a sudden drop off in demand into the auction, the internals were hardly as ugly, with a Bid to Cover of 2.61, below last month’s 2.70 (and below the TTM average of 2.73) but hardly a cliff drop in bidside demand. Breaking the allotment by final purchaser, Dealer got 40.5%, in line with the 39.2% average, while Indirects took down nearly half the auction, or 49.8% to be precise, far above the 38.3% LTM average, and the highest Indirect allotment since the 51.7% from June. Directs were therefore left holding 10.6% of the auction, the lowest such portion since the 5.2% in August 2012. Overall, hardly an impressive auction, and one which probably reflects concerns what the taper could do for longer duration in the months ahead.


via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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