A.M. Links: Capitol Hill Staffers Warned Not to Trust Obamacare Website, US Government Lobotomized About 2,000 Veterans After World War II, South African Fake Sign Language Interpreter Claims He Was Hallucinating

  • sasl for fytw?Staffers on Capitol Hill are being
    not to assume they’ve successfully enrolled in Obamacare
    just because they completed the process at healthcare.gov and the
    website confirmed their enrollment, but to seek confirmation in
  • Legislators in New York plan on introducing a bill to
    marijuana in the state, where currently even medicinal
    marijuana is illegal.
  • An appeals court in Florida
    students attending the state’s public universities cannot
    be prohibited from keeping their guns in cars parked on
  • The US government
    about 2,000 soldiers it found to be mentally ill
    after World War II, according to historical research by the
    Wall Street Journal.
  • The police chief in Durham, North Carolina
    a teenager who died in custody last month shot himself
    while handcuffed in a squad car, something the chief pointed out
    has “happened in other jurisdictions”.
  • A detective with the Arizona state police
    after uncovering that she was in the country
    illegally; she says her parents had told her she was born in the US
    but that she was actually born in Mexico.
  • George H.W. Bush joined
    Twitter this week, already accumulating more than 70,000 followers
    with just one tweet.
  • The fake sign language interpreter from the Nelson Mandela
    memorial, who had previously fake signed for the ANC, says he was

    , while officials say they can’t track down the
    owners of the company they hired him through.

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from Hit & Run http://reason.com/blog/2013/12/12/am-links-capitol-hill-staffers-warned-no

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