66 Percent of Americans Say People Should Be Allowed to Play Violent Video Games

The latest
Reason-Rupe poll
 finds that most Americans do not think
the government should prohibit people from playing violent video
games. While surely Americans
 different standards should apply to children than
adults, 66 percent of Americans think government should allow
people to play violent video games, while 31 percent say the
government should prohibit this activity.

Support for the freedom to play violent video games is highly
correlated with age. Eighty-two percent of people under age 35 and
70 percent of those ages 35-43 say the government should allow
people to play violent video games while just half, 50 percent, of
Americans ages 55 and over agree.

Unmarried men (83 percent) are considerably more likely than
married men (68 percent) and both married and unmarried women (64
percent) to oppose a government ban on violent video games. In
general, men are more likely to favor allowing violent video games
than women, by a margin of 72 to 61 percent, nevertheless
majorities of both support allowing it.

Income is also correlated with public opinion on violent video
games. For instance, among Americans making less than $30,000 a
year, 46 percent want the government to prohibit Americans from
playing violent video games, compared to 26 percent among those
making more than $30,000 a year. Seventy-one percent of those
making more than $30,000 a year and 52 percent of those making
less, oppose banning video games.

Majorities of political groups favor allowing violent video
games, although some are more supportive than others. Independents
who lean Republican are the most likely to believe violent video
games should be allowed (77 percent) compared to 61 percent of
Democrats. Roughly two-thirds of non-partisan independents and
Democratic-leaning independents oppose a ban as do 70 percent of
Republicans. Nearly eight in 10 self-identified libertarians say
the government should allow this activity while just over half of
progressives feel the same (78 percent to 56 percent).

Asked about their own video game use, 65 percent of respondents
told Reason-Rupe they rarely or never play video games, while 34
percent said they play frequently or occasionally.  Among
those who report playing frequently, 82 percent say government
should allow violent video games, while 17 percent want them
prohibited. In contrast, among those who never play video games 54
percent say they should be allowed and 42 percent say they should
be banned.

Nationwide telephone poll conducted Dec 4-8 2013 interviewed
1011 adults on both mobile (506) and landline (505) phones, with a
margin of error +/- 3.7%. Princeton Survey Research Associates
International executed the nationwide Reason-Rupe survey. Columns
may not add up to 100% due to rounding. Full poll results,
detailed tables, and methodology found here. Sign
up for notifications of new releases of the Reason-Rupe
poll here.

from Hit & Run http://reason.com/blog/2013/12/20/66-percent-of-americans-say-people-shou2

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