Belief in God, Devil, Heaven, Hell, Miracles, the Survival of the Soul, Jesus' Divinity, the Virgin Birth, and the Resurrection Are Down; Belief in Darwinism Is Up

the results of a new Harris poll:

Betty stands athwart biology, yelling Stop.

Three-quarters of U.S. adults say they believe in God,
down from 82 percent in 2005, 2007 and 2009, a Harris Poll
indicates. The Harris Poll found 57 percent of U.S. adult say they
believe in the virgin birth of Jesus, down from 60 percent in 2005,
and 72 percent say they believe in miracles, down from 79 percent
in 2005, while 68 percent say they believe in heaven, down from 75
percent. Sixty-eight percent say they believe Jesus is God or the
son of God, down from 72 percent; and 65 percent say they believe
in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, down from 70 percent.

Sixty-four percent say they believe in the survival of the soul
after death, down from 69 percent in 2005; 58 percent say they
believe in the devil, down from 62 percent; 58 percent say they
believe in hell, down from 62 percent.

Forty-seven percent say they believe in Darwin’s theory of
evolution, compared to 42 percent in 2005.

Note that while Darwin’s trendline is the only one moving
upward, his number of believers is still lower than the figures
posted by everything before it on that list. Darwinism does come in
ahead of creationism, which according to Harris has captured the
beliefs of just 36 percent of America’s adults. Ghosts get 42

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