Obamacare Not So Affordable, Debtors’ Jails May Be Making Comeback, Ship Trapped in Antarctic Ice: P.M. Links

  • if you like your ice shelf you can keep itMassachusetts and Vermont, who
    used the same contractor for their healthcare exchanges as the
    federal government, are
    at ways to withhold payment and reviewing their legal
    options in trying to recoup their losses. A USA Today
    analysis, meanwhile,
    that in more than half of the counties in the 34 states
    serviced by the Affordable Care Act-mandated federal exchange there
    are no affordable plans for couples over 40 who don’t qualify for
    subsidies. Some experts are
    that Obamacare could turn into Medicaid in the way
    that it limits the availability of doctors.
  • Civil liberties groups
    that judges across the country are throwing people in jail
    for outstanding debts, bringing back de facto “debtors’ prison”
    despite a prohibition on the practice.
  • The Milwaukee school district has 15 vacant school buildings
    that cost it up to $771,000 a year to maintain. It hasn’t used some
    of them in more than a decade, but
    to sell any to charter or private schools.
  • California school districts are
    for new regulations related to transgendered students
    set to take effect on January 1, and are also preparing for the
    possibility it’ll be delayed by a court order just a few days after
  • A likely US drone strike
    three suspected militants in the North Waziristan region
    of Pakistan, according to unnamed intelligence officials in the
    country. Separately, Pakistan
    it will raise the issue of US drone strikes in the
    country with UN Human Rights Council.
  • Six African Union peacekeepers from Chad were
    in the Central African Republic by “anti-balaka”
    Christian militias. The UN, meanwhile,  is
    to send more peacekeepers to South Sudan, where
    violence broke out after a failed coup earlier this month.
  • Turkish prime minister Recep Erdogan says he
    he’s the target of a new corruption investigation in
    Turkey, but that investigators would leave “empty handed.”
  • A Russian ship, carrying 74 people on a scientific expedition,
    has been
    by ice off the coast of Antarctica, according to the
    Australian Maritime Safety Authority

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from Hit & Run http://reason.com/blog/2013/12/26/obamacare-not-so-affordable-debtors-jail

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