Peter Suderman on Obamacare's Survival

A year ago, if you had talked to either critics
or supporters of Obamacare, most would have predicted that by this
time, the heated controversy over the law would be winding down,
and the success or failure of the law would be more or less plain
for all to see. Either it would be firmly entrenched in the
nation’s policy firmament, with millions of Americans about to
happily enjoy new health coverage, or it would be on its way out, a
longtime political loser finally getting the boot it has so long
deserved. The controversy might not have disappeared entirely, but
the verdict would be clear.

What neither side would have predicted, Peter Suderman
explains, was that the rollout would have gone so badly—and
that the law would still be hanging on anyway, surviving, day by
day and news cycle by news cycle, its political future and policy
success as uncertain now as ever.

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