Reason TV: The 5th Annual Nanny of the Year Awards: Jailing Photogs, Banning Chipotle, and Halle Berry!

For the past 60 months, Reason TV has named a “Nanny of the
Month” calling out a range of busybodies who are way too busy
minding your business (for the full playlist, go

We also crown a Nanny of the Year. Here’s this year’s awards
ceremony, hosted by the inimitable Ted Balaker, who also produces
our Nanny features. Original release date was December 26, 2013 and
the original writeup is below the fold.

At Reason TV’s 5th Annual Nanny of
the Year Awards, we recognize those who devote their lives to
telling us how to run ours! The nominees for 2013 are trailblazers
who insist on breaking barriers that would have been politically
impossible to confront just a short time ago.

Why stop at banning smoking in public places? Let’s criminalize
the dirty deed and throw smokers behind bars, says Oregon State
Rep. Mitch
. (Greenlick also champions prison reform, declaring
that we need a “more rational way to decide who gets

Why stop at cracking down on traditional fast food joints like
McDonald’s? Let’s kick it up a notch and outlaw “fast casual”
restaurants like Chipotle, says Eastchester, New York
Supervisor Anthony
. (Eastchester is “a very upscale community,”
“You can go get your sandwich in Larchmont. We aren’t going to
cheapen the town with fast food or these formula fast-quick casual

While we’re at it, let’s make photography a crime! After all,
celebrities deserve to be protected from the annoying aspects of
their life choices, like dealing with the paparazzi, and anyhow
we’d really be doing it (all together
now!) for the children (well, for the children
of celebrities and politicians, at least), says our first bonafide
A-list nominee–actor, humanitarian, and lobbyist Halle

All our nominees recognize that they stand on the shoulders of
giants, giants like the recently termed out New York City
Mayor Michael
, whom we salute with a (sort of) lifetime achievement

Kick off awards season with the awards show that’s 99 percent
shorter than all the rest!

3 minutes, 13 seconds.

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Nanny of the Year is written and produced by Ted Balaker
(@tedbalaker). Motion
graphics and research by Matt Edwards (@MattChrisEd). Camera by Zach
Weissmueller. Opening graphics by Austin Bragg.

To watch previous episodes, go here.

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