A.M. Links: Janet Yellen Confirmed to Fed Chair, Pot Prices in Colorado Double, NYC-Based Satanists Want to Build Monument in Oklahoma City

  • hail satanThe Senate voted last night to
    Janet Yellen’s nomination to Federal Reserve chair. She
    is the first woman in the hundred year history of the Fed, but is
    expected to continue the policies of her predecessors.
  • At least 100,000 people eligible for Medicaid are still

    to be enrolled due to problems with the Obamacare
  • Tea Party groups are pushing back
    new regulations for tax-exempt organizations proposed
    by the IRS.
  • In less than a week, the price of marijuana in Colorado has

    as, surprise!, government regulations have helped leave
    supply far short of demand.
  • Americans are living longer than ever, with the average life
    expectancy of today’s babies approaching 80,
    to the Centers for Disease Control.  Factoring
    for Obamacare?
  • LA County’s 71-year-old sheriff is
    to resign today, a month after 18 of his deputies were
    arrested in a federal corruption and civil rights abuse
  • The Satanic Temple, based in New York City, hope to erect a
    ten-foot-statue of Baphomet at the Oklahoma state capitol. They say
    they want it to promote compassion and empathy, and it would also
    function as a chair for people to sit on the lap of Satan. Does New
    York have one?
  • Dennis Rodman
    Kim Jong Un is his friend and he loves him. He’s returning
    to North Korea, bringing other former NBA players for an exhibition
    game for Kim’s birthday. He says he doesn’t want to tell Kim how to
    do things but hopes the game brings an opportunity to “talk about
    certain things.”

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