Tonight on The Independents: Obama’s Magical Economics, Dennis Rodman’s NoKo Meltdown, Non-Violent Life Sentences for Pot, Glenn Reynolds on The New School…Plus Polar Vortex, Statehouse Satanists, and More

My sweet Satan. |||Tonight’s episode of The
, which airs on Fox Business Network live at 9
pm ET and then repeats again at midnight, will feature a mix of
familiar and unfamiliar faces grappling with how to make the world
more free.

Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds
(Reason archive here) will be on
to talk about his new book,
The New School: How the Information Age Will Save American
Education from Itself
. John “Show-Me Cannabis” Payne
(Reason archive here) will talk about
the awful case of Jeff Mizanskey, a nonviolent pot offender in
Missouri who is seeking clemency after serving
20 years of a life sentence
. Party panelists Rich Benjamin (a Demos
senior fellow) and Jedediah Bila (Fox News
contributor) will be on to discuss President Barack Obama’s

latest speech on unemployment benefits
and Dennis Rodman’s

latest foray into totalitarian diplomacy

Also under discussion: Former defense secretary Robert
Gates’ White
House-slamming tell-all
, Oklahoma City’s
statehouse Satanists
, and Kennedy excursion into the Polar
Vortex to ask Times Square visitors just what the hell they’re
doing outside.

For more details check out The Independents website,
which has a video
where you can watch various prior segments, and a
to help you see whether you get Fox Biz. The show will be
rebroadcast over the weekend; check your local listings. And the
Twitter feed is @IndependentsFBN.

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