Jerry Brito on Escaping Political Control

Exit signFrustrated with
their political prospects, many libertarians are coming to the
conclusion that instead of trying to change government, a better
strategy might be to simply sidestep it entirely. Even
self-described Democrats and Obama supporters, like startup founder
and venture capitalist Balaji Srinivasan, seem to be concluding
that in order to get space to experiment and innovate in today’s
political climate, an “exit” might be in order. But libertarians
may still want to engage in politics. Not to convince the polity
about the advantages of liberty and capitalism, but simply to buy
as much time as possible for our networks to scale, and to secure
permission for exit paths that are not allowed today, such as
seasteads, space colonies, or, more realistically, the
China-inspired special economic zones that Srinivasan suggests.

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