Justices Appear Unhappy with Obama’s Recess Appointments, Canadian Teen Charged over Sexting, Oregon’s Health Exchange Still Broken: P.M. Links

  • If two out of three branches say no, will the president listen?Observers at today’s Supreme
    Court arguments challenging President Barack Obama’s use or abuse
    (depending on your point of view) of
    recess appointments
    seem to think the justices are holding a
    dim view that the president can just bypass the Senate to get what
    he wants.
  • The Supreme Court, however, is declining to get involved in the
    decision striking down of an
    Arizona abortion law
    . The law banned abortion after 20 weeks
    but was ruled unconstitutional. The Supreme Court’s decision not to
    take up the case means that the law is dead.
  • A Canadian teenager has been charged with
    child pornography possession
    over a sexting case.
  • After three months, Oregon’s health insurance exchange still

    doesn’t work at all
    . They’re hoping to have it up by
  • New York State Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak (D-Buffalo) is
    retiring amidst a
    host of sexual harassment allegations
  • For the drinkers: Japan’s Suntory Holdings Ltd. has
    acquired the company
    that makes Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark

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