Tonight on The Independents: A-Rod Rage, Christie’s Acting Skillz, Hillary’s Hit List, the French President’s Mistress, Sen. Bernie Sanders on the NSA…Plus a Special Overtime Segment!

Kmele totally called him "Barry Sanders" on air that one time. |||Tonight’s episode of The
, which airs on Fox Business Network live at 9
pm ET and repeats at midnight, features an interview with a real
life independent Senator, none other than the Vermont “democratic
socialist,” Bernie Sanders. Indie Bernie will talk about his
inspired little stunt a few days back of asking the National
Security Agency Director Keith Alexander whether the NSA is now or
has ever been
spying on members of Congress
, and also explain how his idea of
an expanded social safety net can co-exist with exploding

Also appearing on the show: Washington Times Senior
Opinion Editor Emily Miller, who drew the ire of many libertarians
last week when she Tweeted that “No one
gets prison for just smoking pot
,” and wrote a
warning that “Stoned citizens will further burden the
dependency society.” Panelists tonight include Democratic political
strategist Basil
and Lawfare Project Director Brooke Goldstein, who
will chew on
Hillary Clinton’s reported hit list
, New Jersey Gov. Chris
promotional/acting skills
, and the passing of Israel warhorse

Ariel Sharon

Other topics: Alex Rodriguez’s
historic steroids suspension
, French President Francois
Hollande’s daring attempt to
act as French as humanly possible
…plus penis pumps, 420
signs, Times Square costume creeps, and more! Remember to heckle
The Independents on Twitter at @IndependentsFBN; some
of the more choice efforts will be displayed during the broadcast.
Oh–and immediately after the show, there’ll be 10 minutes or so of
a live stream post-game Web-only thing at

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