Uber Van Attacked By French Taxi Drivers

Today, an Uber
van in France was attacked by taxi drivers, who feel that the
independent car service is threatening their jobs. Taxi unions in
France have criticized Uber for “unfair competition.”

Kat Borlongan, co-founder of consulting firm Five by Five, who
was in the van, tweeted about the attack:


For two Uber customers in Paris, their ride was not at all what
they expected. 

Major taxi unions in the French capital staged protests Monday
against startup Uber and other independent car services for “unfair
competition.” The local taxi drivers feel that their jobs are
threatened by new services such as Uber, French
newspaper Le Monde reports.

But the protests turned violent when taxi drivers apparently
attacked the Uber van that was transporting Kat Borlongan,
co-founder of consulting firm Five by Five, and Eventbrite CTO
Renaud Visage.

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