Amagi Metals: The Place to Buy Precious Metals with Bitcoin

Even those in the precious metals community who do not support Bitcoin, cannot deny two very significant facts. First, there is an undeniable overlap between many of those in the precious metals community and those within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Second, many of the early adopters of BTC have amassed sizable fortunes. So we have a captive audience of potential precious metals buyers who have exponentially more wealth than they had two years ago. You might think it’d be a good idea to offer gold and silver for sale for Bitcoin. That’s where Amagi Metals comes in.

Over the past several months I have come to know Stephen Macaskill, the man behind Amagi Metals, which is based just 30 miles east of me in Denver, Colorado. Stephen saw the potential to accept Bitcoin before most people had even heard of it. Specifically, the company was started in 2008 and began accepting BTC in November 2012. The rewards reaped from this decision have been enormous, with a reported $900,000 in Bitcoin for precious metals sales over Thanksgiving weekend alone! As such, the Bitcoin part of the business supports at least one full time employee at this point.

Those in the precious metals community should understand and appreciate the fact that many of the fortunes made in Bitcoin ultimately represent considerable buying power directed at those wise enough to take advantage. A merchant takes no BTC volatility risk either, as long as they use a payment processor like Coinbase (check out this interview with the founder) or BitPay.

As such, for those looking to spend some bitcoin on bars and coins, I strongly suggest checking out Amagi Metals.

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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Amagi Metals: The Place to Buy Precious Metals with Bitcoin originally appeared on A Lightning War for Liberty on January 14, 2014.

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