Egyptians Vote in Referendum on a New Constitution

Egyptians are voting today and tomorrow on a new
constitution which bans political parties based on “religion, race,
gender or geography” such as the Muslim Brotherhood and strengthens
the military and the police. The constitution also guarantees
equality between the sexes and establishes Islam as the state

Read the draft constitution

Unsurprisingly, the Muslim Brotherhood, which backs ousted
President Morsi, is calling for a boycott of the vote.

According to the BBC,
five people have been killed in clashes and there was an explosion
in Cairo, although no one was reported injured or killed in that

explains, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is widely
expected to announce his candidacy for president in an upcoming
election, which could take place in April:

The referendum is a milestone in the political transition plan
the army-backed government has billed as a path back to democracy
even as it presses a fierce crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood,
Egypt’s best organized party until last year.

A presidential election could follow as early as April.

Echoing a view widely held in Egypt, a senior European diplomat
said Sisi would probably announce his candidacy in the next few
days – a prospect that will delight supporters but could stir more
conflict with his Islamist opponents.

Read Reason’s Ed Krayewski’s article “Egypt Should
Adopt the U.S. Constitution As Its Model”

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