Tonight on The Independents: The Gun Show, Starring Cody Wilson, Geraldo Rivera, David Keene, Judge Napolitano, Damon Root, Emily Miller, and Virginia Tech Shooting Survivor-Turned Background-Check Advocate Colin Goddard

Tonight on Fox Business Network at 9 pm ET, 6 pm PT (with
repeats three hours later), The
will produce a special show on the topic of
guns. Leading off will be a discussion of mass-shooting events and
background checks, featuring Colin Goddard, who
describes the awful events at Virginia Tech in 2007, and Reason
Senior Editor Damon Root. Next,
Washington Times columnist Emily Miller, author of
Gets Her Gun: …But Obama Wants to Take Yours
, details the
arduous process she went through to obtain a handgun in the
District of Columbia after suffering a home invasion.

Former National Rifle Association president David Keene talks
about the NRA’s penchant for
blaming shooting events on culture
, and deals with a question
about marijuana legalization; Kennedy goes shooting
3-D gun visionary Cody Wilson
; NRA member and Fox News
personality Geraldo
effing Rivera
talks about why he’s fallen out of love with the
gun-rights group, and Fox News
Senior Judicial Analyst
Andrew Napolitano will advocate—wait for
it!!—legalizing the individual ownership of nuclear weapons.

It’s a great episode and you should watch it. Follow the
on Twitter, use the hashtag #indFBN, and go to the
for previous-episode video and more.

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