Ares Armor CEO Tries to Reason with ATF over Customer Privacy; Raid Ensues

“Ares Armor CEO Tries to Reason with ATF over Customer
Privacy; Raid Ensues,” produced by Tracy Oppenheimer. The video is
about 6 mins.

Original release date was March 19, 2014 and original writeup is

“This isn’t just a second amendment issue, it’s not just a
firearms issue. It’s an issue of an overreaching government that
wants to come into your kitchen, that wants to come into your
living room, and just see what you’re doing,” says Dimitrios
Karras, CEO of Ares Armor in
Oceanside, Calif.

Last week, the Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
raided Ares Armor
to confiscate 80 percent polymer receivers
for AR-15s. These receivers are the lower part of the gun that
contain the trigger operations when
fully completed. The polymer version that the ATF is contesting is
not completed and requires the purchasers to finish machining it.
The ATF claimed that these are unlicensed firearms, but Karras says

“It’s an object that’s in the shape of a receiver, but it hasn’t
been completed to a point that it would be considered a firearm,”
says Karras. “This was a nice way for them to get their arm inside
of the business and grab the information that they are actually
looking for. To think that this is over a piece of plastic is

Karras says the true reason for the ATF’s piqued interest in his
shop was his refusal to relinquish the list of customers who had
purchased the polymer product. He sat down with Reason TV’s Tracy
Oppenheimer to discuss why he plans to continue fighting the ATF to
maintain his customers’ privacy and other Constitutional issues at

“They have trampled on the entire Bill of Rights,” Karras

About six minutes.

Produced by Tracy Oppenheimer. Camera by Alex Manning and Zach

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