Furious Selling Slam Sends Silver Red For 2014: No Limits Triggered

With gold holding gains over 6% year-to-date (and the best performing asset-class), this morning’s silver slamdown has taken the precious metal notably into the red for 2014 (-2%) and makes it the worst performing asset-class. Silver is back under $19 and near its lowest price since July 2013. Of course, it all started with the futures market where the sudden fiduciary need to dump over 2000 contracts 0505ET sent the complex collapsing.

Silve rnear 9 month lows…


Someone was in a hurry to dump their silver this morning as we gapped lower in spot


as it started in the futures…but no limits triggered


Charts: Bloomberg

via Zero Hedge http://ift.tt/R6zlkz Tyler Durden

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