UK's Cameron Warns Scots "No Way Back" As Independence Vote Remains Too Close To Call

With polls and surveys showing a slight bias to a “No” vote for Scottish Independence – but realistically too close to call – it appears UK Prime Minister Cameron has once again flip-flopped his strategy to deal with the northern menace. Initially it was one of scaremongery, warning of Scottish safety in light of global terrorism; then Cameron softened his stance proclaiming how “heartbroken” he will be if “our family was ripped apart.” Now, just a day later, according to The Sunday Times, Cameron will unveil his latest push tomorrow that “there will be no way back” if they vote for independence, warning that a split from the U.K. will see the two countries go their separate ways forever, with the vote result a “once-and-for-all decision.” Media bias is increasingly evident as the establishment unleashes its last minute full court press promising Scots “can have the best of both worlds.” if they back the union…

With polls too close to call (though obviously plenty to chery pick for both sides). Excluding don’t knows, the Yes shares in the 8 different companies/methods are:

  • ICM (online) 54%
  • Panelbase (online) 49%
  • ICM (phone) 49%
  • TNS (face to face) 49%
  • YouGov (online) 48%
  • Opinium (online) 47%
  • Survation (online) 47%
  • Survation (phone) 46%

Source: UKPollingReport

As The Sunday Times reports,

In a speech in Scotland tonight Mr Cameron will warn voters that there will be “no way back” if they vote to leave Britain.


Going on the attack, he will abandon his “love-bombing” strategy of the past week and will warn: “If Scotland votes ‘yes’, the UK will split and we will go our separate ways for ever.”


On a trip to Aberdeen — his 10th and last visit to Scotland during the campaign — he will say: “We must be very clear that there’s no going back from this. No rerun. This is a once-and-for-all decision.”



In the event of a “no” vote, Mr Cameron has promised Scotland complete control of income tax in a new “devo max” deal.



Mr Cameron’s speech in Aberdeen is designed to target those in the northeast of Scotland who once voted Tory and then turned to the SNP but who are now wavering over independence.


A senior Downing Street source said: “There are rock-solid people on both sides who a ­nuclear bomb would not shift. The people who are undecided seem to think that maybe they could go back. The message will be this is a complete divorce. There will be no rerun. When it’s over, it’s over.”

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But media bias continues to rise…

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