Douglas Butzier, Libertarian Senate Candidate from Iowa, Dies in Plane Crash

Sad news
via Radio Iowa
 regarding the passing of Libertarian Party Senate candidate
Douglas Butzier

The pilot who died in a plane crash near Dubuque late last night
was the Libertarian
 for Iowa’s U.S. Senate seat.

The family of Douglas Butzier has confirmed Butzier was piloting
the plane that crashed near the Dubuque Regional Airport at about
11 p.m. Monday. No one else was in the plane.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the
single-engine plane took off from the Ankeny Regional Airport at
about 10 p.m. and crashed at about 11 p.m., about a mile north of
the runway in Dubuque. Butzier, who was an ER doctor, was born in
Mount Pleasant and grew up in Cedar Falls. Butzier, who was 59
years old, has been working at Dubuque Mercy Hospital for the past
17 years.

from Hit & Run

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