How To Beat The Market Trading Just 30 Minutes Per Day

Trading is was easy. Sleep in. Don’t fight The Fed. Grab some lunch with friends. Then execute the following two trades…

For those used to the ubiquitous 330ET Ramp, there is some nuance that  – if you were willing to make 2 trades, not just 1 each day – could have doubled your profits in the last 7 years.

  • At 1530ET “Buy Stocks” and cover at 15145ET.
  • At 1545ET “Short Stocks” and cover at the close.

Simple, and all that while taking no overnight exposure at all…

Source: @NanexLLC

Does that look like an “efficient” market to you?

Note: past performance is no indication of future performance – just ask Warren Buffett

via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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