Live Feed: Paris Protesters, Riot Police Clash Over Labor Law

Recently France’s government used an obscure article of its constitution to bypass parliament on labor reform proposals. Ultimately the reforms make it easier lay workers off, and allows for an increased work week.

As we said at the time, protests and public anger will only intensify after this unprecedented legal maneuver was implemented by an increasingly more unpopular government. Today, protesters have once again taken to the streets of Paris once again, and are being met by tear gas.

Tuesday’s rally in the French capital is part of a general strike called by seven trade unions across the country. This is the sixth demonstration against the “El Khomri law,” named for French Labor Minister Myriam El Khomri. The law extends maximum working hours, and cut holidays and breaks as the government attempts to liberalize France’s labor market.

As RT reports on site, “There are thousands of people out here and it is important to say that not everyone is from trade unions as it is a very diverse crowd. “There are students here, there are the usual participants from Nuit Debout [Rise Up At Night] and there are also troublemakers who have come to start violence with the police and this is when the violence erupts.”

Live Feed:

via Tyler Durden

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