Housekeeping Note On Site Redesign

As readers may have noticed, there have been some cosmetic changes to the layout of the website.

First and foremost, we responded to readers’ repeated requests and have finally added a mobile version of the website.

Second, we have revised the desktop version of the site in a move we hope will make the site faster, as well as more resilient to heavy traffic outages.

We have also changed the formatting of the comment section to be able to accommodate more indented comments as well as added a “reply-to” functionality within the comments.

There are ongoing fixes we will implement over the next hours to restore full functionality, as well as improve speed.

Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out further modest changes to streamline the site.

This is a work in progress: as such, we are willing to listen to readers’ constructive suggestions on how to improve the browsing experience.

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