Another Sexual Assault Gets Refugees Banned From Pools In Austria

Earlier this year we reported that a town in Germany had banned adult male asylum seekers from the public pool after receiving complaints that some women were sexually harassed. As a result, Germany created a leaflet that it handed out to "sexually frustrated" immigrants at local swimming pools to teach them proper poolside etiquette.

The leaflet shows that among other things, it is not acceptable to do the following: touch the behind of an unsuspecting female swimmer (#12), drown others (#4), push women into the pool (#3), or jump onto a screaming blonde (#7).

A similar flyer was created by Switzerland which detailed acceptable behaviors in order to prevent refugee sex attacks. The flyer was a modified version of one that was created in Austria during the initial influx of refugees.

For those that chuckle at the effort, there does appear to be a real problem with sexual assaults, and it is widespread. In the latest sexual assault case, a "dark-skinned" man assaulted a 13 year old girl at a pool in the town of Mistelbach, Austria on Wednesday. As RT reports, the man followed the girl into the women's changing room and tried to force the girl to perform oral sex. Thankfully the attacker fled after the girl began shouting.

More from RT

Authorities in the Austrian town of Mistelbach issued a temporary pool ban for refugees following a sexual assault by a “dark-skinned’ man on a 13-year-old girl.


"This news was a shock," said the town’s mayor, Alfred Pohl, as quoted by the Heute media outlet.


According to Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung, the attack happened on Wednesday afternoon.


The girl was first followed by a young man into the women’s changing room. Once there, he forced her to perform oral sex. The girl however fiercely resisted and started shouting, forcing the attacker to flee.


Police are now investigating the incident and are searching for the suspect.


According to eyewitnesses and the victim herself the man was a “foreigner.”


There are currently eight facilities housing refugees around Mistelbach. Police are now checking the camps, Heute news outlet reports. There is however no confirmation on whether an asylum seeker is behind the attack.


Following the incident the mayor temporarily banned all refugees from attending the swimming pool. The authorities put a poster next the pool entrance reading “Today no entry for refugees,” and two guards were hired to patrol the premises.


“This decision was not easy, and I take responsibility for it,” the mayor said. “The ban on asylum seekers from the swimming pool is temporary, until the security is in place,” he added.

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These types of occurrences are what makes the immigration issue in Europe an extremely difficult one for the politicians who have to answer for these types of things. The violence and sexual assaults are what has given rise to Germany's anti-immigrant AfD party as of late, and sadly this trend does not look like it is going to cease any time soon, despite all of the flyers being printed and handed out.

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