Movie Review: Jason Bourne: New at Reason

BourneIn Jason Bourne, the world’s most misunderstood killing machine returns after a nine-year exile. For those whose memories may have hazed over, the movie offers a collection of what might be called Bourne’s Greatest Hits. There are furious close-quarters smackdowns and hair-raising automotive sprees, and a sniper stalk through a crowded locale that recalls the Waterloo-station knuckle-biter in The Bourne Ultimatum. There’s also a bumpy vehicular ascent of a flight of stone steps that’s rather like the Mini Cooper bit in The Bourne Identity; and a scene in which a clever tech device is slipped into an unsuspecting character’s pocket (another Ultimatumecho). Our man is also still prone to taking time-outs from the rampant hubbub in order to stare soulfully at his battered countenance in bathroom mirrors. It really is like old times, writes Kurt Loder.

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