While We Wait, This Is What Millions Of Americans Are Demanding Answers To Right Now

While we wait for the first exit polls, not to mention the first official results, millions of people across America have questions, and there is no better place to visualize who wants to know what than courtesy of this handy widget created by Google Trends has which shows in areas where there is above-average search interest in voting-related problems around the country. When a circle is flashing, it means there’s a spike in searches. Google doesn’t verify any of the problems flagged by its users; it just maps them.


Also courtesy of Google, we can see the real time interest in the head to head race between Trump and Hillary, at least when it comes to public curiosty. As usual, no contest here.


Looking at the state map, there is again, one name which dominates:


A slightly different google search, reveals then “vote Trump” dominates “vote Hillary”


Switching topics, here is a breakdown of the key issues by candidate:

The same as visualized by state:


Finally, here are the top candidate-related searches:

via http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-08/while-we-wait-what-millions-americans-are-demanding-answers-right-now Tyler Durden

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