Gunfire, Injuries, Possible Fatalities at Florida School Shooting

A person opened fire at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida this afternoon. There have been official reports of injuries and fatalities, but the information is extremely vague and will no doubt become more specific as more news is available.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Department says they have a suspect in custody and that 14 victims have been transported to nearby hospitals. The mayor of Coral Springs, whose fire department helped respond to the call, says there have been fatalities.

CBS posted this video of a student filming on his cell phone while seeking refuge in a classroom. Many gunshots can be heard:

(UPDATE: CBS This Morning has deleted the video footage above from Twitter, saying “Due to the sensitive content @cbsthismorning has decided to take down video previously posted.”)

A local news station spoke to a couple of students who fled the campus. They said that they had done a fire drill earlier in the day. Then the fire alarm went off again and they thought it was another drill. Another student indicated that the school had previously done an active shooter drill with somebody actually shooting a gun with blanks. He said that when he heard gunfire, he thought at first they might be doing another shooter drill:

President Donald Trump tweeted his prayers and condolences after being apprised of the situation. There will obviously be more to come.

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