Chinese Space Station Set To Enter Earth’s Atmosphere At Any Moment: Live Tracker

China’s nine-ton school bus-sized space station is set to impact the earth at any moment. The Tiangong-1 is currently orbiting at an altitude of 87 miles –  approximately 30 miles lower than it was during our Thursday update.

According to China’s CGTN, impact is imminent. 

You can track its progress at the following websites:

Or by clicking on the picture below:


As we reported earlier, With China’s Tiangong-1 space station (translated as “Heavenly Palace”) full of highly toxic chemicals such as hydrazine, set to crash into the earth at a still unknown location some time today, Michigan isn’t taking any chances.

As a reminder, several weeks ago predicted that while the list of possible crash sites includes locations in Northern China, South America, Southern Africa, Northern Spain and the United States, lower Michigan in particular is among the regions with the highest probability of a direct hit.

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