Liberty Links 5/12/18 – CNN Poll: Democrats’ 2018 Advantage Is Nearly Gone

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CNN Poll: Democrats’ 2018 Advantage Is Nearly Gone (This party exists to lose, CNN)

Trump’s Act of American Hubris (It’s as if Craig Murray and I are reading each other’s minds, Craig Murray)

Joint Statement from Prime Minister May, Chancellor Merkel and President Macron Following President Trump’s Statement on Iran (

That Time John Bolton Promised Regime Change In Iran Before 2019 (Caitlin Johnstone, Medium)

Israel’s Parliament Approves Bill Allowing PM to Declare War (Fox News)

Young Arabs Now Prefer Russia Over the U.S. as a ‘Partner’ (CNBC)

Mueller Investigation In Jeopardy As ‘Witch Hunt’ Accusations Play Out In Court (Zerohedge)

Service Meant to Monitor Inmates’ Calls Could Track You, Too (Very creepy, The New York Times)

‘Forget the Facebook Leak’: China Is Mining Data Directly from Workers’ Brains on an Industrial Scale (South China Morning Post)

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