Liberty Links 6/9/18 – What If Babchenko Had Decided to Stay “Dead”?

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What if Babchenko Had Decided to Stay “Dead”? (One of the most important articles I’ve read in a while, Off Guardian)

Hallmark Of An Economic Ponzi Scheme (Excellent read by John Hussman, Seeking Alpha)

A Brief History of the CIA’s Unpunished Spying on the Senate (2014 article but worth revisiting, The Atlantic)

China’s ZTE Was Built to Spy and Bribe, Court Documents Allege (Sydney Morning Herald)

Facebook Reveals Data-Sharing Deals with Huawei, Other Chinese Tech Makers (Politico)

Facebook Gave Device Makers Deep Access to Data on Users and Friends (This company is an unethical disgrace, The New York Times)

Edward Snowden: ‘The People Are Still Powerless, but Now They’re Aware’ (The Guardian)

Apple Is Testing a Feature That Could Kill Police iPhone Unlockers (Very interesting, Motherboard)

Hacked: 92 Million Account Details for DNA Testing Service MyHeritage (MotherBoard)

The Real Revolution Has Nothing To Do With Donald Trump (Caitlin Johnstone, Medium)

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