As Portland Cracks Down On Violent Protests, Seattle Antifa Dox ICE Agents Over Twitter

Following a series of violent protests, the mayor of Portland has proposed new measures aimed at separating conservatives and liberals before anybody gets hurt. 

On Monday afternoon, Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler proposed an emergency ordinance which would allow police to physically separate protesters and counter-protesters – corralling anyone with a history of violence into designated zones with enhanced police supervision .

“I will not allow continued, planned street violence between rival factions to take place in Portland, Oregon,” said Wheeler at a Monday press conference.

His comments come two days after leftist members of Antifa brawled with right-wing activism groups Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer – which saw protesters beating and assaulting each other with pepper spray. Several injuries were reported. 

Portland has become ground zero for violent protests by leftist mobs. In August, Antifa protesters stormed City Hall to protest the city’s crowd control techniques used by police during a counter-protest of a conservative march the week before. 

City Hall chief of security, Dorothy Elmore, was struck in the arm by a protester, while an unidentified bandana-clad man who was found sprawled on the floor outside the mayor’s office was arrested and carried out by his arms and legs. Also arrested was 67-year-old Diane Keeauve, according to Portland police spokesman Sgt. Chris Burley. 

In July, Antifa engaged the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer in the “Battle of Portland,” which resulted in a viral video of an masked member of Antifa getting knocked out by a Proud Boy known as Rufio. 

Doxing in Seattle…

As documented by Far Left Watch, Twitter has been allowing Seattle Antifa members to post private, identifying information (Doxing) of ICE agents – which isn’t the first time the Social Media giant has allowed this behavior against conservatives and others with divergent views.

Recently Twitter took no action after controversial journalist Caitlin Johnstone was doxed. Johnstone writes: 


After my August Twitter suspension a #Resistance account publicly doxxed me, posting my home address, phone number and other information. I didn’t make a public ordeal out of it at the time because I obviously didn’t want to draw attention to it, but I did report it because I wanted it deleted. I was not expecting Twitter Support to reject my report, especially after they had me jump through a bunch of hoops to prove that I did in fact live where the doxxer was saying I lived, but they did.

“We understand that you might come across content on Twitter that you dislike or find offensive,” Twitter wrote back.

“However, after investigating the reported content we found it was not in violation of Twitter’s private information policy. As a result, it won’t be removed at this time.”


And as Far Left Watch notes, one of the best examples of this double standard is Twitter’s inaction regarding the violent Seattle Antifa cell, Greater Seattle GDC. On June 21st of this year, this Anitfa cell used their Twitter account to distribute a blog post from the Puget Sound Anarchists that included the names and home addresses of 37 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and even included the personal contact information for their spouses. This violates multiple Twitter Terms of Service and this has been brought to Twitter’s attention on numerous occasions throughout the last two months. Despite being reported multiple times, the account is still active and the tweet that targets and endangers ICE agents and their families is still live.

Tweet from @GDCSeattle and redacted contents of the document they distributed

Here is a timeline of all the separate times we have reported this tweet and attempted to bring it to the attention of Twitter Support and Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey.

August 16th:

After reporting both of the the tweets in the screenshots below, we sent out our own tweet exposing the selective enforcement of Twitter’s TOS and tagged Jack. This was retweeted over 1,400 times.

August 23rd:

We reported this tweet again and then sent out our own tweet this time also tagging @TwitterSupport and pointing out that we had reported it previously but no action had been taken. This was retweeted over 500 times.

September 5th:

After Twitter suspended Gavin McInnes and all of the Proud Boys accounts claiming they were a  “violent extremist group”, we again reported this tweet and shared a screenshot trying to determine why Twitter had still taken no action. This was retweeted almost 200 times.

September 6th:

After Twitter suspended Alex Jones we again reported this tweet and shared a screenshot trying to determine why Twitter had still taken no action. This was retweeted almost 300 times.

September 9th:

After Twitter temporarily suspended Benghazi survivor, Kris Paronto, we again reported this tweet and shared the screenshot trying to determine why Twitter had still taken no action.This was retweeted almost 200 times.

September 10th:

We reported the tweet again and then shared a screenshot pointing out that while numerous right-of-center influencers had been either temporarily or permanently suspended, that Twitter had still taken no action against this violent far-left extremist group. This was retweeted almost 1,000 times.

September 13th:

We reported the Tweet and then again shared the screenshots and asked Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey why in spite of being reported numerous times was this tweet still live. This was retweeted over 300 times.

Throughout the last two months we personally reported this tweet and the account multiple times. We also received numerous screenshots from other Twitter users who also reported this account. Despite the clear violation of Twitter TOS and being reported numerous times, why has Twitter decided to take no action against this account? I think it has been made abundantly clear that Twitter selectively enforces their Terms of Service in order to advance a left-wing ideology.

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