Liberty Links 10/20/18 – Saudi Account of Khashoggi Killing Is Widely Denounced

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Saudi Account of Khashoggi Killing Is Widely Denounced (Three weeks and this is the best lie they could come up with? NBC)

Mueller Report PSA: Prepare for Disappointment (Shocked, shocked I tell you, Politico)

After UAE ‘Murder Squad’ Revelations, How Many More Private U.S. Hit Teams Are Under Gulf Regimes? (Truly despicable, Zerohedge)

Saudis Stonewall on Khashoggi but Pressure Will Increase (One of the best takes I’ve read, Moon of Alabama)

The Arabian Game of Thrones Heats Up (Strategic Culture Foundation)

Intel: Can the Khashoggi Case Really Spell the End of MBS? (Al-Monitor)

State Department Provided ‘Clearly False’ Statements to Derail Requests for Clinton Docs, ‘Shocked’ Federal Judge Says (Fox News)

Top Afghan Police Chief Killed in Shooting, U.S. General Unhurt (No end in sight for America’s longest war, Reuters)

The Evolution of Digital Cash (Fidelity taking a big step into Bitcoin and crypto assets, Medium)

Owen Jones Leaves a Telegraph Editor with so Little Credibility, the Guy Deletes His Twitter Account (Amazing, The Canary)

Enough with the ICO-Me-So-Horny-Get-Rich-Quick-Lambo Crypto (Cypherpunk legend Tim May on the state of crypto currency, Coindesk)

What Is the ‘NPC’ Meme? Liberals Rage at Cartoons Mocking Their Scripted Thoughts (The meme wars continue, Breitbart)

Antiwar Movement Spreads among Tech Workers (Need more of this, Scientific American)

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