Armored Truck Spills Cash On Busy Highway, Leads To Chaos, Crashes

In what can only be described as a likely preview of the next round of the Fed’s quantitative easing, an armored truck reportedly spilled cash onto Route 3 West in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Thursday morning. The incident caused drivers to promptly exit their vehicles and scramble about the highway picking up bills of all denominations.

The Brinks driver picking up cash off of the ground on Route 3

After the truck spilled cash, it caused two other vehicle crashes. Social media lit up shortly after the incident took place, showing video of drivers scrambling about the middle of an otherwise normally busy highway grabbing money off of the ground.

The driver, who was also seen on video, was one of the many running through traffic trying to collect the cash.

The East Rutherford Police then put out a Tweet stating:

“Approx 8:30am ERPD received calls of an armored truck spilling cash along Rt 3 West, motorists exited vehicles attempting to remove cash causing multiple MV Crashes. Detectives are investigating. We ask any person with info or video of this incident, call ERPD 201-438-0165″

“$5, 20, everything. Look at the accidents. Wow,” someone in the video says. 

A captain for Brinks was quoted as stating what can only be described as the incredibly obvious

“At this time it appears the armored truck had a malfunction of one of its doors causing it to become unsecured.”

East Rutherford Police Capt. Phillip Taormina told NBC News:

 “One good Samaritan had scooped up some money and handed it back to the security guard.”

The total amount of money that fell out of the Brinks truck has yet to be determined. Route 3 is an arterial road leading in and out of New York City through the Lincoln Tunnel. Additional video can be found here

Jerome Powell, Janet Yellen and Haruhiko Kuroda were all seen nearby taking notes. A request for comment from Paul Krugman has not been returned. 

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