Goodbye 2018

2018 was a slog, and the more I mention this to friends, the more I realize a lot of other people feel the same way. It wasn’t a bad or terrible year for us, but at the same time nothing came easy. Anything we tried to accomplish came with all sorts of unexpected pitfalls and hurdles, and in many cases success seemed hopeless until the very last moment when things finally came together reasonably well. Stuff that had to get done got done, but not without struggle and headache.

The highlight of the year was the birth of our third child, something that will forever color 2018 positively despite other challenges. Although I knew three kids in three years would be tough, the reality of the situation has been more difficult than I imagined.I forgot just how constantly attached to a newborn a mother is, a reality that’s left me largely in charge of the toddlers.

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