Marcia Clark Milks Her Failed O.J. Simpson Case with a New Drama: New at Reason

'The Fix'Marcia Clark, the failed O.J. Simpson prosecutor, is one of the writers and executive producers behind ABC’s new legal drama The Fix, and she clearly believes revenge is a dish best served as a TV dinner: stale, overcooked, and tasting like cardboard.

Clark, in the wake of the Simpson verdict, was mercilessly ridiculed by everyone from Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi to Tina Fey. But since 2016, when Sarah Paulson portrayed Clark sympathetically if not uncritically in FX’s The People v. O.J. Simpson, there’s a growing body of thought that she was the trial’s real victim, a feminist martyr to free-floating American misogny.

That, apparently, opened the door to The Fix, which is little more than a primal Clark scream. Television critic Glenn Garvin takes a closer look.

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