Bernie Boards Wrong Private Jet In Awkward Senior Moment

Bernie Boards Wrong Private Jet In Awkward Senior Moment

Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders experienced a brain malfunction on Saturday when he accidentally boarded the wrong private jet, according to TMZ.

Photo via TMZ

While wrapping up campaign stops in South Carolina and Massachusetts ahead of Super Tuesday, the 78-year-old boarded the wrong gulfstream.

As for this little mix-up here, it’s kinda funny. Bernie’s been flying all over the country for different campaign events — so the guy’s definitely busy and has a preoccupied mind at the moment. Mistakes like this (getting on the wrong Gulfstream) are bound to happen. –TMZ

While Sanders has been pictured on multiple commercial flights, he’s taken criticism for flying private jets at all while railing against the elites. Earlier this month, he was pictured boarding a different private jet – while candidate Elizabeth Warren took her own to the same D.C. airport from different locations just 36 minutes apart, according to the report – which notes that they could have simply flown together and saved the planet.

Tyler Durden

Sat, 02/29/2020 – 20:15

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