“Tiger King” Joe Exotic Moved To Prison Hospital After Being Placed In ‘Coronavirus Isolation’

“Tiger King” Joe Exotic Moved To Prison Hospital After Being Placed In ‘Coronavirus Isolation’

For the past week or so, people across the US have only been talking about two things: COVID-19, and the “Tiger King”.

Netflix’s latest true-crime docu-series, “Tiger King”, chronicles the exploits of “Joe Exotic”, a former private zoo owner and big cat breeder who became enmeshed in a yearslong feud with an animal-rights activist named Carole Baskin who is widely suspected of murdering her husband (and, in some of the nastier versions of that rumor, of feeding his remains to her tigers).

Exotic, who declared himself the “Tiger King” of the US, ended up in prison after being caught up in a federal murder-for-hire plot that appeared to be an elaborate trap put in place by two of Exotic’s erstwhile business associates, and the FBI.

The documentary has already prompted authorities in Florida to reopen the investigation into the disappearance of Baskin’s husband, and given new life into a possible appeal for Exotic, who was convicted on most of the charges he was facing, and could spend decades in prison. Exotic has also asked for a pardon for President Trump, which we suspect could happen if things keep getting worse and the president needs another ace distraction to occupy the media.

Now, according to Excotic’s fourth husband (in addition to being a gay, gun-toting big cat fanatic, Exotic is also a polygamist who has married several much-younger “husbands”), Exotic has reportedly been transferred from a coronavirus isolation ward to the medical center at his new prison.

Inmate records show that Joseph “Exotic” Maldonado-Passage was recently transferred to the Federal Bureau of Prisons-operated Federal Medical Center Forth Worth in Texas. Exotic had previously been isolated at the Grady County Jail in Chickasha, Okla.

The facility “put him on COVID-19 isolation” because “the previous jail he was at, there were cases,” said Dillon Passage, Exotic’s fourth husband, during an appearance on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM series “Andy Cohen Live.”

Exotic is currently seeking a combined $94 million from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, his former business partner Jeff Lowe and several former colleagues say. The polygamist announced his lawsuit and issued a call for a pardon from Trump on March 19 on his Facebook page.

It’s unclear whether Exotic has tested positive…

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