Watch: The Purge ‘Message’ Blasts Over Loudspeakers As Rioters Torch Cars

Watch: The Purge ‘Message’ Blasts Over Loudspeakers As Rioters Torch Cars

Tyler Durden

Sun, 05/31/2020 – 18:35

It seems eerily appropriate at this point, but perhaps says more about how the demonstrators and rioters see themselves, as whole city blocks have turned lawless each night over the past days of George Floyd protests. 

Video emerged days ago out of Minneapolis of crowds torching vehicles while blasting the familiar “siren” audio and “government message” from the dystopian horror series The Purge over a loud speaker.

“Any and all crime, including murder, will be legal for 12 continuous hours,” says The Purge recording in the video.

“Police, fire and emergency medical services will be unavailable until tomorrow morning at 7am when The Purge concludes,” the message continues.

“America, a nation reborn, may God be with you all,” the message says before the siren blares.

Ironically, law enforcement especially in Minnesota has come under intense criticism for seeming to withdraw as chaos engulfs the streets, even as frustrated and tearful business owners look on as their bars, restaurants, and retails stores burn to the ground.

For example, scenes like the above are playing out as locals begin to take matters into their own hands, sometimes confronting rioters with weapons, including firearms. 

But it often doesn’t go well for those trying to defend their businesses.

The below disturbing footage is from Dallas Saturday night. Police say the man survived and was transported to a hospital with severe injuries. 

And then there’s this very disturbing scene:

The growing chaos and lawlessness – even in broad daylight – is indeed beginning to become a ‘purge’ in real life.

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