“Worst I’ve Ever Seen It”: New Yorkers Wake Up To Massive Smoke Plume

“Worst I’ve Ever Seen It”: New Yorkers Wake Up To Massive Smoke Plume

In early May, wildfires in Western Canada, located thousands of miles away, blanketed the Northeast with smoke. Now the smoke has made its way back to New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia, this time originating from wildfires burning across Ontario and Quebec.

Here’s the progression of the smoke plume from Canada pouring into the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast. 

New Yorkers woke up Tuesday morning to hazy skies. 

Accuweather warned, “The air quality in New York City is currently at an unhealthy level as smoke from wildfires in Canada continues to spread into the Northeast.” 

Air quality tracking website AirNow said air quality alerts have also been posted across New York, New England, throughout the Great Lakes, and as far south as Maryland. 

Over 100 wildfires are active in Northwestern Quebec and dozens of others in Ontario. Winds are carrying the smoke down into the Northeast. The dry conditions in Canada, potentially due to an emerging El Nino, may be why the region is experiencing an increase in wildfires this spring.

Tyler Durden
Tue, 06/06/2023 – 11:05

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