More signs we're living in a Philip K. Dick novel: Jose Canseco pulled over for having diapered goats in his car.

This story is mostly for Matt Welch, who likes baseball, goats,
and diapers (in that order, according to his Wikipedia page).

Former baseball slugger, Madonna boy toy, and steroid enthusiast
Jose Canseco recently bought some goats, put diapers on them, and
then…things got weird:

A couple hours after acquiring his new goats, Canseco was pulled

Apparently, the officer got a kick out of Canseco’s new animals
in the backseat.

Read more here.

And if you care about the power of teh Interweb
and the radical, non-filtered speech acts it enables, follow
Canseco (the more admirable half of the Bash Brothers!) on

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