Was Joe Biden Writing You an E-Mail During the State of the Union?

omg lol xoxo l8r h8rIt kind of looked like Vice President Joe Biden
may have been texting during the State of the Union* (picture at
right). Maybe** he was writing this, which came from the Democratic
Party just as few moments after the address ended:

Edward —

I am so proud to stand with Barack tonight.

If you are too, chip in $10 or more to support Democrats, and let’s
go follow through:




If it sounded like the State of the Union was a campaign speech,
that’s because it sounded like a campaign speech. And now they’re
raising money as if they were still campaigning.

*he was probably following along with the printed copy of the
address, but it makes for a good set up

**the e-mail was probably pre-written, by someone other than
Biden, but, again, it makes for a good set up so thanks for bearing
with me

from Hit & Run

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