de Blasio Surrenders To Snow Which Is “Falling Faster Than Workers Can Plow It”

Say what you will about Mike “sugary drinks are illegal” Bloomberg, but at least the trains ran on time. And so did the snowplow. Sadly for his replacement, the same can not be said as was revealed following just one of the first modest snow storms in Bill de Blasio’s career as mayor. In his own words (via AP): “Mayor Bill de Blasio says the snow has been falling faster than New York City workers can plow it.” So New York gets 8 inches of snow and suddenly it is a snow panic? What happens in case of a blizzard: de Blasio request assistance from the Soc Intern, or perhaps the only solution is to tax the “wealthy” an arbitrary, but “fair”, amount more?

From the AP:

De Blasio said Monday that the storm’s arrival time — the morning rush hour — also hampered the plowing operation.


The city has been using 450 salt spreaders along with the 1,500 plows.

Perhaps if the snow cleaners didn’t take 2 hour brunch breaks, and stop for work ever 5 minutes, the city that never sleeps wouldn’t become the city that always needs an excuse. Or maybe that assessment is too “unfair”?


via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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