Boehner Blames Obama for Immigration Reform Stall, Greenwald Mulls Trip Back to States, Apple Removes Bitcoin App: P.M. Links

  • IT'S A TRAP!House Speaker John Boehner says

    immigration reform
    is unlikely this year, but he’s laying the
    blame on the lack of trust that President Barack Obama will
    actually enforce any new laws and not just do whatever he wants to
  • One Russian official claims he knows journalists are trying to
    sabotage the hotels to make the Olympics look bad. He may have
    opened a new can of worms, though, as he bolstered his argument by
    talking about watching the journalists in the rooms through

    surveillance cameras

  • Journalist Glenn Greenwald
    says he’s planning a possible visit
    to the United States to “force the issue” of whether the government
    thinks he’s a criminal.
  • A Texas grand jury has declined to indict a man for shooting
    and killing a deputy who entered his home with a
    no-knock search warrant
    to look for drugs and guns. The man’s
    attorney said his client was asleep and thought somebody was
    breaking in to burgle his house. He was indicted for possession of
    marijuana while in possession of a gun.
  • Apple has removed
    , an app that allows users to send and receive
    bitcoins, from its store.
  • The Senate seems unlikely to push forward another extension in

    unemployment benefits

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