Consumer Comfort Tumbles To 3-Month Lows As Wealth Effect Collapses

The last month has made the baffle-’em-with-bullshit Schrodinger-driven central planning confusion proud as the all-important measures of confidence in the US (which stoke the fires of multiple expansion) have dropped, been revised, risen, and stalled. However, today’s third indication – from Bloomberg – of Consumer Comfort shows a notable fall to near three-month lows – diverging dramatically from the other measures. The last time this happened, the Conference Board and UMich data rapidly deteriorated to the year’s lows. It ha snow been a month since this indicator was in the ‘comfort’ zone but perhaps most notably those earning over $100k saw their biggest drop in comfort since July 2011.




“Buying Climate” dropped to near its 2-year lows.

And the “rich” earning over $100k saw confidence collapse at fastest pace in almost 3 years


Charts: Bloomberg


via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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