Pat Robertson: A Little Nudity on TV Can Be OK

Pat Robertson, who has surprised some people by being more
broad-minded about
the transgendered
than you might have expected, isn’t
necessarily offended by a little nudity on TV:

If you’re not able to watch the clip, it consists of Robertson
responding to this question from a 700 Club viewer:

I have recently discovered that my pastor and his wife
watch a show on cable TV that contains nudity. Even secular critics
have called it pornographic. I have been unable to return to their
Bible study since hearing this. Am I overeacting?

Robertson’s reaction:

Yes, I think you are. You know, listen: The human body
is not essentially nasty. I mean, God made us without clothes. And
you look at that famous statue of David that’s considered one of
the masterpieces of the Renaissance, and here’s David, and he
doesn’t have any clothes on at all. You’ve got the Venus de Milo
and some of those others…the Sistine Chapel, Adam has got no
clothes on, and that’s the famous artwork of God touching
Adam….The body is not essentially pornographic, and I think to
make it so is a mistake. It’s what’s in your mind. I don’t know
what your pastor’s watching, what show it is. Maybe it’s got some
redeeming qualities. But I sure wouldn’t turn him off just because
he’s watching a few clips of nudity on TV. I don’t know what show
you’re talking about, some of them are real nasty…

CO-HOST: It depends on how pornographic it is.

ROBERTSON: Exactly. It’s just: The human form per se isn’t
necessarily dirty. It’s what our minds make it.

Pat Roberton’s Vault
, which notes that Robertson also intro’d a
recent story with the line “You probably saw the blockbuster cable
series Breaking Bad.”

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